Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Giraffe Gamble

 gamblin' giraffeIf you haven’t noticed the giraffe pictures on Facebook lately then you haven’t been on Facebook. They are everywhere and everyone is having a blast playing a game and enjoying a riddle that has to do with this. Here is how you join. You find someone who knows the riddle and you ask them to send it to you. Then, you write back to them with the answer that you think will solve the riddle. Once you’ve sent it, they will tell you if you got the riddle right or not. If you got it right, then you can stick to your avatar and keep your profile pic as it is. If you got it wrong, however, then it’s time to change your profile pic to…you guessed it…a giraffe. And when you do, you can find free giraffe pictures at THIS link and other locations where you’ll have fun selecting a new picture. You are supposed to leave the picture up for three days and then you can go back to any profile pic that you like. This game is sweeping the world on Facebook and it’s a fun way to interact with other people and to have a blast playing games with others.
giraffe cover image

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