Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gambling Kitten attacks iPad Casino

attack of the gambling kitten
Not everyone is cut out to race around all the time, running from errand to errand. Some people just want to sit back and relax with some awesome games – and you can do that today. You have the power to make those decisions for yourself and to decide how you want to spend your free time. Do you want to be out shopping and eating lunch with friends? That’s always fun. Or, do you want to curl up with your kitten and enjoy playing online casino games and being in the house? Some people are homebodies while others aren’t, and you can enjoy yourself with online casino games either way. You can play the games in the house with your kitten for a while on your PC or your laptop, and then when you get in the mood to be on the go, you can switch and play these games from your mobile. This means that you’ll always have the games right at your fingertips and can really enjoy everything that is offered to you. Get in the games today and make a decision to make your free time more fun and more the type of fun that you want to have.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Kitten Flight Superhero

ipad casino superhero kitten
One of the most fun iPad casino games that you can play is online blackjack. The game that is designed for the iPad makes full use of the iPad’s unique characteristics. When you play, you get to use the amazing big screen of the iPad without sacrificing the convenience of having your games completely mobile. But there is even another advantage that makes the iPad better than playing on a regular computer. Because the iPad’s screen is touch sensitive, you can use anything to tap the action buttons. Even your cat can play. If you already like to play while your cat sits in your lap, take it to the next level. Just hold your cat’s paw in your hand and tap the screen in the right place. The dealer will deal the cards whether it is you or your cat that has touched the screen. And besides the old adage about a cat bringing luck to your endeavors, it also makes the game more fun to play. When you can say that your cat won a big pot, it makes the whole experience that much more funny. And your cat will love hearing the fun sounds and seeing all the flashing lights on the iPad when you have won a big game. You can use your cat to play any of these games: blackjack, poker, and, of course, all those amazing slot machines that just require a single tap to spin all the reels around and hope for victory.
kitten superhero

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Online Casino and the Cat

roulette wheel casino cat

There are many things that you cannot do in a casino when you are in the middle of a game of Blackjack. You can’t watch a movie. You can’t grab your favorite snack. You can’t play while wearing your pajamas. And you can’t play while your pet cat sits in your lap. In fact, you can’t even bring your pet cat into a land-based casino. But you can do all these things and many more when you are playing online casino games like online blackjack. Playing online, lets you create your own private casino. It is a casino where you and you alone make the rules. If you want to play while petting your cat, who is there to stop you? No one. So wear your pajamas, eat your favorite snack and play for as long as like while your cat is comfortably sitting in your lap purring. No one is going to tell you when you have to stop. You are not just the player, you are the casino director and have the final word on how you will play. And you will find that you enjoy playing so much more when you are in charge.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Maneki Neko Gambling Cat

maneki neko cat
Players can test their gaming skills, strategies and luck when they sign into their online casino account for an dynamic activity of fun and excitement. The online casino offers hundreds of entertaining casino alternatives that are available for gamers to enjoy at their convenience. Players can enjoy their preferred casino games at any time of the day or night at the 24/7 casino venue, whether they're taking a break at work, sitting on the bus or playing at home with their cat cuddled on their lap. Featurephone users can download the casino into their WAP device and play directly on the featurephone screen. Gamers who have a tablet or smartphone can open the casino on their mobile browser and play directly at the casino's website. The most relaxing casino experience, however, involves playing from the comfort of the player's own home. Gamblers simply download the casino software into their home desktop or laptop PC. Once the download has completed they can access any of the hundreds of Download Casino games at their leisure, at any time of the day or night.  All players can contact the casino's support line via email or freephone to ask any questions about the games, banking or technical details.