Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Internet Slots Online

sunset memeFree slots are online slots that can be played at any time of the day or night and do not require any preparation or special registration. Players from all over the world who are interested in trying out slots for fun are able to click onto an online casino that offers an excellent selection of online slots for free to play. These slots do not need to be downloaded and in many cases are also available in mobile format allowing the player to move around while trying out the games. There are three reel slots and five reel slots, and there are slots of all different styles and types from sports themes to mystical characters to well-known movie themes and symbols. Players can find all of their favorite seasons and holidays amongst the slots and most of the sports games that they enjoy. A player can also find many historical figures and may even learn something more about the different icons that are featured especially with the introductory movies that inform the players about the game and characters in the game. Players can also enjoy the progressive online slots games although these are not free games. Because the progressive games are linked to other casinos offering the same games, players cannot try these games out and need to go straight to placing real money bets. But, the player can start with low value bets and increase the value of his bet as his confidence in the game and how it is played grows. All of the online slots and mobile slots that are offered are fun; in fact they are more than just fun they are exciting, riveting, thrilling, rewarding and fun!
dragon meme

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Maze of the Snail

snail maze
Maze of the Snail | Snail Maze SOLUTION

There is an almost endless variety of iPad pokies that you can choose from. These are not just online pokies. These are pokies game variations that have been optimized for iPad play. You can find them at the top casino game websites if you look for the mobile gaming sections. Now at the most basic, these game look like classic pokies. In other words, they often have just three reels and a single pay line running down the middle of the screen. You often just choose between playing with one coin or two. The winning images are things like cherry bunches or single, double, and triple bars. The game is so easy to understand, that you can start playing on your iPad almost immediately. On the other hand, there are other games that are morse sophisticated. They often have crazy ultra-modern themes based on pop culture references. They can have multiple pay lines or even be based on the 243 ways to win, zero pay line project. Many of them are loaded with special features like free spins and wild signs. Many also will have unique audio accompaniment that adds to the whole user experience of the game. If you win, it is common for these games to offer a gamble option to take a chance to increase your payout.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Maze of Robojack Slots Cold Fusion Reactor

maze of cold fusion artwork
Maze of a fusion reaction as imagined by the artist | MAZE SOLVED HERE

Astrology isn't everyone's method of choice of divining future prospects but it does play an important role in almost every society on earth. European royalty, Asian gurus, Native American shamans and even Buddhist monks consult the stars in their question to find the most fortuitous times to engage in specific tasks. The Hindu Indians observe an astrological tradition in which Hindu gurus observe the movements of the 12 signs of the zodiac and then track those signs
duct tape is cheaper than gold meme
in conjunction with the stars and the location of the various "Houses" -- in particular, the "Ascendant" (first house) to determine how these elements relate to the horizon. According to Hindu belief such factors enable us to determine which online casino games you should play, at which date and time you'll experience the most auspicious gaming event and whether your sign directs you to play multiple games for low stakes or fewer games for high stakes. Most players use Chinese or Hindu astrology which involves the astrologer looking at the date and time of the player's birth, the position of the celestial bodies in relation to each House and the person's good deeds from his previous life. These elements determine whether you are in the House of Luck or the House of Gains. There are many additional factors at play as well including the position and movements of Jupiter, Mercury and Venus. This is especially vital to ipad casino gamers because it allows them to select the most favorable day and time for them to play casino games on their portable ipad tablet.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Single Engine Maze Plane

maze of airplane
Single Engine Airplane Maze | SOLVED MAZE HERE

Maze artwork of a single engine plane with the details and nuances of the vibrations and intensity caused by that spinning propeller. This maze is part of the free mazes project, so feel free to use in any way you wish, there are NO RIGHTS RESERVED.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Maze of Explosion
Explosion Maze | Maze of an explosion

Can't solve this maze? Find the Maze Solution to help you with all that.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Light Bulb Maze Idea

light bulb maze
Light Bulb Maze | Maze's Solution

It’s a great thing when talented people are willing to share the wealth with everyone else, and that’s exactly what Yanito Freminoshi is doing with the Free Mazes Project. With this project, he has agreed to surrender his rights to the amazing mazes that he makes, and the mazes are now free mazes for anyone who wants to solve them, use them for their purposes or anything else.

iPad Casino fun along side your cat:

Data protection is a big business in every walk of life and especially at the online casino or mobile casino. Players at the iPad casino together with other mobile casinos and online casinos need to know that their personal information is secure and that every transaction they make is secure and safe. Using secure
cat litter mohogany
deposit options that are recommended and approved by the mobile casino and online casino is one step forward to insure full data protection. There are many different deposit options offered at the online casino and mobile casino but for players in Canada, the InstaDebit option is by far the most used and respected. InstaDebit casino offer players the opportunity to link directly with their personal bank account through secure channels that are totally protected and encrypted. The casino never receives any of the personal codes or bank details of the player. InstaDebit acts as the middle man who transfers the money directly to the players casino account. Using InstaDebit to place real money bets has many advantages apart from the obvious secure transaction, it is also instant allowing the player to begin playing
cat in idea hat meme
casino games immediately. Because InstaDebit is so reliable and secure, the player is able to enjoy the casino games more and spend more time and energy focusing on the games and not on the transfer of his money. He is also able to enjoy the prescience of his cat close by as he plays the games because he is not concentrating on two things. By giving the cat some attention as he plays casino games, the player is also benefitting himself thanks to the calming influence that the cat has on its owners, keeping them happy and increasing their feel good hormones. And everyone knows a casino player who is confident and feels good about himself is bound to do better.


Maze solution idea maze

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Very Friendly Cat MAZE

Maze of a friendly cat
Maze artwork of a friendly cat, by Yanito Freminoshi | Maze Solution

Maze artwork by Yanito Freminoshi for the FREE MAZES Project. This maze has been surrendered to the PUBLIC DOMAIN and anyone may use it for all purposes, private and public.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

United States of aMAZErica.

United States Maze
Maze of these United States of America | Solution to the Maze


This maze of the United States is part of the FREE MAZES project. So feel free to use the maze for any and all purposes, without the need to confirm that you have permission. The artist Yanito Freminoshi permits you so.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Canadian Maze

Maze of Canada Instadebit Casino
Maze of Canadian Landmass and Maple-Leaf | Maze Solution HERE

instadebit Casino cat scratching ear
A cat is a very clean animal and especially a domesticated cat. Cats make great pets and are excellent company for people who are lonely together with families and even in some workplaces a cat can be seen, having been adopted and nurtured in the work environment. The care and love that a person gives to his cat is paid back by the cat in a number of ways. Apart from the great company and undying loyalty that a cat offers his owners, it also helps to keep the owner healthy and confident. Constantly petting a cat is a great way to reduce high blood pressure and increase Seretonin levels. Seretonin is one of the feel good hormones in the human body. The more Seretonin in a person the more he is likely to perform well in whatever he may be doing. For this reason and a number of others, many online casino players can be seen to have their cat by their side as they play casino games, whether slots or table games or other games. The cat influences the player without him realizing, helping him to make sensible decisions in all aspects of his online casino play. This includes helping him to choose the right deposit option that in the case of Canadian players has
to be InstaDebit. InstaDebit is a secure and easy to use deposit option that helps to transfer money directly from the player’s bank account to the casino through secure and encrypted channels. Because of InstaDebit, the personal financial details of the player are not in any jeopardy and players can relax and enjoy the games and the company of their cat without having to worry about their money, how it transferred and when it transferred. Security at the online casino and mobile casino is extremely important and thanks to the InstaDebit casinos, Canadian players do not need to worry.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ice Cold Maze Shake

Maze of an ICE COLD cup of deliciousness.

Maze of an Ice Cold Drink
Maze of Ice Cold Deliciousness | Maze Solution
cold drink maze

Ice Cold FREE Maze
The ice cold maze, created by Yanito Freminoshi is open-sourced content, part of the FREE MAZES PROJECT. Feel FREE to use any of these mazes versions for any purpose you can think of, including commercial, editorial, aviation, sports, etc. You do not need request permission, as you already have it. Enjoy.

No in order to avoid you accidentily seeing our maze's solution, we will now distract you with horrible means and cheesy Cat Memes. Have Fun!
kitten food calories inspiration quote
 If anyone’s birthday is coming up soon, they might want to think about enjoying the day like this. They can get up late and stay in their pajamas. They can cuddle up in bed with their cat and listen to her purring and being sweet. Then, they can get out their iPad and play awesome mobile blackjack and mobile roulette games. These games offer all of the excitement that anyone would need on a birthday and that anyone would want. The ipad casino games have amazing graphics and great ways to play right in the comfort of the bed, and anyone who is having a birthday will have a great time with this plan. It should be noted that you should ONLY do this in countries in which gambling is NOT illegal, to avoid breaking the law. Such as Canadian Gambling or in some other former UK territories like Australia.

meme cat future self funny drunk passed out cat

This one just really cracks me up:
meme of the ninja party

Ice Cold Maze Solution

Maze Solution frozen maze art

Ninja Party InsPUNrational Meme

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Seaside popsicle Maze

ice cream popsicle maze
Maze of Popsicle _ Maze Solution HERE

Ice Cream Maze for SalePeople can have a blast playing iPad Roulette anytime of the day or night. What they should do to really have fun is the following. They should get some great ice cream and pour themselves some wine or coffee. Then, they should call their cat over and cuddle up on the couch with it and relax. Next, they should get out the iPad and rock out with some iPad Roulette games. All of this will allow them to have a great time and to find a way to connect with their cat while also enjoying that amazing tool for fun – the iPad. People avoid doing their errands in all sorts of ways. And one of the great ways to ignore all those things they have to do is to find their cat, pour a steaming cup of coffee, sit on the couch and enjoy some time to relax. And nothing says relaxation more than grabbing the iPad and enjoying iPad casino games. When people get to these games, they can enjoy ipad casino games that range from roulette and slots to blackjack and more. And they can enjoy the energy and excitement that comes with the games – and then relax with the cat at their side. The errands will get done eventually, but the fun is to be had now.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Roulette Dizzy Maze

Dizzy roulette maze art
Click maze for MAZE SOLUTION | Dizzy Roulette Maze Art

Dizzy roulette maze for saleFor thousands of years gamblers have been fascinated by the possibilities that fortune telling offers to guide gamers in their gaming activities. Strategies for divination include reading tarot cards, reading tea leaves or coffee grounds, reading palms, assessing numbers' mystical meanings and astrology. Some of the methods used to predict luck and good fortune are based on fantasy but one technique, astrology, is quite ancient and has been incorporated into many of the world's largest religions. Astrology involves observing the movements of the moon, planets, stars and sun to predict future events. For gamers, this means that when celestial bodies are compared to your zodiac sign you can obtain information that tells you when your luck is most likely to strike. According to these principles, during specific times in your life your signs can indicate that you'll experience high levels of good fortune while conversely there are times at which the zodiac warns that you shouldn't play at all. You can chart your own horoscope based on your zodiac and your knowledge of astronomy or you can use one of the multiple online astrology websites that are set up to assist you in navigating your horoscope. Astrology provides a unique opportunity for online gamers to navigate any of the casino platforms including the PC download casino or the iphone or ipad casino. Astrology fascinates both new and veteran gamblers who often note that the hyper-technological, fast-paced online casino takes on an atmosphere of old-fashioned, relaxing entertainment when astrology is involved to slow down the pace of the gaming excitement.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Maze of Son Of Maze | Modern Op Art

Son of Man Rene Magritte Maze
Maze of Son of Man | Rene Magritte | Yanito Freminoshi | Click MAZE to view SOLUTION

Which is better Maze Art? 

The coloured or the black N white ?

Son of Man Maze BLACK AND WHITE            MAZE of son of man in COLOUR

Cat's and Their Influence on Casino Luck:

Cat Meme Illusion
If you read your horoscope in your daily paper or monthly magazine you might be considering how the information will guide you as you strengthen an existing friendship, make a purchase or even approach your boss for a raise. Many gamblers also rely on astrology to help them determine the best days and times for them to play online blackjack, what type of wagers they should lay, which variations of the game they should play, whether they should lay side bets and for how long they should gamble. Astrology is a controversial system in which a person's future luck is determined by the stars. Some gamers refuse to use it in assessing lucky gaming strategies but others point to the fact that, for thousands of years and across the world, people have relied on readings of an individual's sign of the zodiac to guide the person's daily life and events. Astrologers create a chart to advise the subject on the best times to embark on specific projects or engage in certain tasks. When you combine your astrological predictions with your lucky blackjack cat who sits on your lap during your gaming events, you're bound to experience a highly successful blackjack online adventure of fun, excitement and real cash prizes.

Best. iPad. Casino. Ever BANNER

cat meme grey poupon
Some people just jump right out of bed in the morning and start their day. You’ve never really been able to understand those people. Where do they get the energy from? How can they just get up and get going like that? What you do instead is take your sweet time to get ready for your day. First, you make a steaming pot of coffee and you drink a cup..or sometimes two. Then, you curl up with your cat and read the newspaper from start to finish. At the end of the newspaper, there is always a section about astrology and you love to check your sign and see what it says about your day ahead and the luck you’ll have. Then, depending on what the zodiac said in the newspaper, you pull out your laptop and enjoy a few rounds of online blackjack. And as you play, you consider what the astrology chart said about your luck today and about your sign. And then you can start your day, knowing that you’ve already spent some great time with your cat and that you’ve already enjoyed your coffee and your blackjack online games. And everything is how it should be for the day.

Casino Online Banner

Funny Cat Pic MEMEWhy do you love online blackjack so much? There are a few reasons. While some games are purely luck, blackjack online combines luck with skill. You can read up on all sorts of strategies and techniques with the game and this really makes a difference when you play. It stimulates your mind and makes you really have to think before you act. You also love that there is a component of the online blackjack game that is purely luck and that you can’t really control. Just like you can’t control what the zodiac says about you or what your sign indicates, you can’t always control the online blackjack game. And that certainly makes it a lot of fun. Now, the thing that you can control is what’s in your environment, and for this reason you love to pet your cat while you are playing these games. And you love to sit on the same couch each time and drink the same tea. This creates a balance of things that you can’t control and things that you can and it all adds up to a great deal of fun.

The Maze of Son of Man MAZE SOLUTION

Animated Cat Hat

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Leo Luck Maze

Maze of Leo Sign
Leo Maze Artwork in Op Art Style | Maze's Solution

Gambling is about luck and opportunity, it is finding the best options for oneself at an online casino or ipad casino and doing the best that one can at the casino. There are no sure answers and definite for a player to win but there are many different tips and strategies that players can make use of in order to get the optimum results from their online casino games and the choices that they make. Other ways to ensure the best out of the online casino is to research the casino and games before starting to play. Further to researching the games, players can also research themselves by checking out their zodiac charts and what the stars predict for their performance. The astrology charts are very good at helping potential players decide when is the best time for them to play the different games, how to play the games and which games to play. The stars give an indication of which days will bring more luck than other days. The stars can also indicate to players which casino to play at and which of the many promotions offered the player should take advantage of. There are many different promotions and special offers available for players at the online casino and the ipad casino, by reading the stars and what is predicted for a person, the player can gather information that helps him decide what is best for him and that particular day of game play at the casino.