Monday, April 29, 2013

Online Blackjack Psychedelic Cat

online blackjack cat
Can you play poker with cats? Everyone knows the famous set of paintings of the dogs playing poker. They are funny yet in a poignant sort of way. You can almost imagine that if they could dogs would play poker. Not cats, the cats are more strategically minded. It’s hard to imagine a cat playing poker, but there is a casino game where you can use a cat. If you play online blackjack, you might try playing while stroking a cat’s soft warm fur and listening for the purr. Why should you do this? Because blackjack is a game that requires intense concentration. If you get easily distracted, you could make a mistake that could be costly. But if you keep yourself calm through the historically proven technique of cat petting, then you will be able to maintain your concentration and focus on the game. No one is sure why, but is has been proven that the mere act of stroking a cat will release natural chemicals into the brain that help a person relax. They have not been able to produce a drug that mimics this so at least for the time being, you must have a cat to use this method to your advantage. To see if it works for you, try doing something else stressful while petting a cat. Call up someone you don’t like on the phone and try and keep your cool by petting the cat. If it works, then try it while playing blackjack.

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